Ice Cap – Chapter 4

Ice Cap – Chapter 4

Due to technical faults we have been unable to bring you the next installment of the ICE CAP SERIES for a while. But here it is! Enjoy………..

Pippi woke, drenched in a cold sweat. She was panting in heavy raspy breaths as the harsh bitter scream rang in her ears. The screaming became louder as Pippi head began to ache. She slowly turned her head towards the bed opposite her which was occupied by the sickly smelling snooty snake of a girl Gertrude. Gertrude was brushing her golden brown wig-like hair, The only thing that Pippi admired about her. Her coffee brown eyes were darting this way and that until they fixed on Pippi. “What are you looking at your freak?” She sneered, glaring at Pippi with cold eyes. Prudence laughed harshly from the other bed. She leaned over and whispered loudly, ” She’s admiring you because she can’t possibly as amazing!” Pippi blushed furiously, as Prudence had hit on the truth. She turned away, determined not to let the ugly step-sisters see her ashamed face. She ran across the room, trailing her school uniform behind her and jumped into the dark closet. She pulled the scratchy grey tights onto her bare legs, wincing as they scratched her thighs. Pippi struggled to pull her crisp white shirt onto herself and shoved her pinafore over her head. Then Pippi picked up her nightgown and clambered out of the cupboard. Gertrude was staring at her in her uniform. She turned her nose up at Pippi and told her annoyingly, “Well, you look decent, for once” Pippi turned away and marched out of the room, pausing outside only to hear Gertrude and Prudence talking about her. Gertrude spoke in barely a whisper while Prudence’s voice could be heard by every girl in the whole dorm. ” She is such a weirdo!” said Prudence enthusiastically. ” Obviously, ” replied Gertrude shortly, “Her parents probably dress in rags, mucus dripping from their peasant noses. Did you know, they had to BORROW money, heaven knows why Petunia agreed. That was hurtful. Pippi turned away from the door, trembling. Her father was a perfectly respected doctor and her mother, well, better not think about that or she might start crying. Then, Pippi pressed her ear to the door once more only to hear Gertrude’s nasal tone ringing out loudly, “After all, I am Princess Gertrude Zeigler Bottomly of the isles of Zubleburg.” Then Prudence joined in, “And I am Princess Prudence Sourmilk of Cassorolle. Pippi turned away, disgusted. Then she pulled her crinkled timetable out of her pocket and groaned loudly. She had FOUR full periods of the history of cruel punishments, taught by the dreaded Miss Leather. Her shoulders sagging low she trudged slowly to class.

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  1. Wow! What happened with all the adjectives? There was a lot more written on than any of the last instalments! Why are there no pictures?

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