Ice Cap – Chapter 5

Ice Cap – Chapter 5

Miss Leather’s class is held in a vast hall with a terrifying array of torture instruments decorating the walls. Miss Leather’s sharp voice boomed around the hall. “Sit down class, or else!” Pippi slowly found her seat and fell into it. She turned to the person next to her and whispered, “A threat already, we haven’t even started yet!” The girl didn’t respond. “Hello?” Pippi said prodding the girl’s face. She didn’t flinch. Pippi was irritated. She continued talking and prodding the silent girl until she finally broke.

“Shut up!” She hissed. “Do you want to get us both thrown out of the window?” Then she turned around. Pippi sighed. Suddenly Ms Leather screamed loudly “Pippi Andrews come here at once!”

Pippi carefully hopped down the steps. Maybe Ms Leather would be nice to her if she was nice to Ms Leather. “Yes Miss Leather?” She chirped, “By the way, thank you for your talk on the history of punishments, very interesting.”

“Well pity, if you found it so interesting WHILE talking to Kelly Smith, you should be able to tell me what Georgian women used to have done to them if they talk too much?”

Pippi panicked. She had no idea what Ms Leather was talking about. She trembled. “I don’t know Ms Leather.” Pippi said weakly. Miss Leather grinned grotesquely. “Maybe you will find out sometime!” “Kelly Smith, come here.” Kelly’s face was white. “I am letting Pippi off because she is stupid but you were talking too! Kelly began to say something then Miss Leather stopped her. “Nothing to say. You are expelled!” Kelly burst into tears, lots of salty water spraying Pippi’s face. “Enough of this bawling.” Said Ms Leather. “Come on.” Ms Leather grabbed Kelly’s arm and dragged her outside. She picked up Kelly’s stuff in the other hand. Ms Leather’s muscles bulged as she threw the girl who the gate. “And don’t come back!” She warnedd. Kelly’s stuff was strewn all over the muddy ground.

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