Ice Cap – Chapter 6

Ice Cap – Chapter 6

Pippi was miserable. There was no other way to put it. She shuffled through the hallways, her head hanging low.

When Pippi reached her dorm she heard a voice through the door saying, “What is that lump of feathers doing in here?” Pippi opened the door to hear Elsie say through gritted teeth, “He is a bird called butter.” Prudence laughed an evil laugh. “Pigeon pie for tea with butter and bread.” She said mockingly. Elsie growled. “He is a budgie, NOT a pigeon!”

“Whatever.” Laughed Prudence. Then Gertrude opened Butter’s cage and pulled out his food. “You shouldn’t have done that.” Growled Elsie. As if by magic Butter darted out and pulled Gertrude’s pale, powdered, primped up nose. Gertrude screamed. She then bellowed, “You are so dead Elsie Diamond. You HAD your CHANCE!” She then screamed as Trixie punched her in her ugly, thick, lip balm smeared mouth. Prudence pulled her towards the floor and kicked her hard. The fight was interrupted by a loud shrill SCREAM!


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